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Growing in Hope

I’ve tried to establish a zen-like level of low expectations for my garden. Of course, I work hard and hope for it to be successful. But I’ve also come to realize that gardening has its risks, especially organic gardening. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Seed Starting

There’s something magical about starting seeds. You begin with a tiny wisp of a thing, enclosed in its little shell, push it into damp soil, and wait. Perhaps it grows, perhaps it doesn’t. Even if you understand the science far … Continue reading

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What Tomatoes Can Teach Us about Occupy Wall Street

This summer, my garden produced far more than I knew what to do with at times. This isn’t an uncommon phenomena for home gardeners – there’s a reason jokes about people leaving baskets of zucchini on their neighbor’s doorsteps exist. … Continue reading

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A brief neighborhood interlude

This was an actual conversation that just occurred in my yard with one of the neighborhood kids. He was probably 10 or 11. Bunch of kids riding on bicycles: F***, b*****, you (incomprehensible swearing) Me: Hey guys, could you stop … Continue reading

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

When I started a garden, I never anticipated growing … monsters. They started off so innocently. Just little baby sprouts, growing in our guest bedroom, so weak that a spray from the water bottle nearly knocked them over. When I … Continue reading

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