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Share and Bikeshare Alike

Sharing is something we’re all supposed to learn in elementary school, but often forget promptly afterwards. Some of us regain that ability when entering serious romantic relationships or living with friends. But few of us think seriously about sharing with … Continue reading

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Sweet, Sweet Summer Berries

My hometown was once a town of farms and farmers. By the time I was a kid, nearly all of this was gone, replaced by suburbia, with only a few remaining on the outskirts. The exception was a fruit farm … Continue reading

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Our First Harvest

Few things are as satisfying as eating food you have grown with your own two hands. Although I had brought home food from Ecolocity’s community garden in the past, last week was the first time I was able to say … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Seersucker Ride, A Celebration of Fabulousness

These days, spandex comes to mind when fashion and bicycling collide. But once upon a time – long before the invention of this wondrous fabric – bicycling and fashion were not on the opposite ends of the recreational continuum. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Free (Bicycle) Parking – More than Just a Monopoly Square

These days, free parking is taken as either a God-given right or a miracle, depending on where you live. Unfortunately for those of us who hate to pay (aka everyone), free car parking encourages short driving trips, increases the amount … Continue reading

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