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Musings on the State of the Union

The State of the Union – an opportunity for the U.S. President to ramble on about where he (or perhaps she in the future) thinks the country should go in the next few years, regardless of whether anyone in Congress … Continue reading

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Empowerment through Reskilling

I just wrote a post for the D.C. Food for All blog, a community of folks involved in food sustainability and justice issues. It includes advocates, growers, and eaters from all across the spectrum, from people working in food banks … Continue reading

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The Climate Ride shares the love…

Remember how I described how awesome the Washington Area Bicyclists’ Association is a few posts ago? Well, now by participating in the Climate Ride, I’m actually going to be supporting them directly! In the few years that the Climate Ride … Continue reading

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You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone

At 12:30 AM last Friday, I experienced a striking sense of disappointment. Our diner was gone. As a cook in a fine dining restaurant, my husband works nights and weekends. So we don’t see each other as often as most … Continue reading

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Calculating the Costs: Cars and Bicycles

There’s been a rumor going around that bicyclists have been stealing from taxpayers. You see, some people have been saying that while motorists pay for their infrastructure, bicyclists don’t. Let me squash that rumor right now, ’cause it ain’t true. … Continue reading

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