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An Ecologist Walks Into a Yard…

Like many gardeners, I have a tendency to be a bit overambitious. However, while many people imagine abundant flowerbeds and perfect rows of vegetables, I think in terms of entire yard makeovers. Considering that I’m a big proponent of permaculture, … Continue reading

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We’re Not Just an “Indicator Species!”

Despite or perhaps because of my background in ecology, I find being called an “indicator species” insulting. Perhaps if I was a beaver or butterfly it would be fine – and I wouldn’t know the difference anyway, as far as … Continue reading

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A DC Ride with Bike Snob NYC

Sometimes, being a snob can be a good thing. Especially if you can spin it into a hilarious blog and a couple of books as Bike Snob NYC (aka Eben Weiss) has managed to. Or in other words, what I … Continue reading

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The Art of Eating Alone

Eating is a deeply intimate, social activity. Families are encouraged to eat together so they can talk about their day. The dining hall is central to a college campus for its role for cementing lifelong relationships. Fancy restaurants are the … Continue reading

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The Clothes Make the Cyclist

Generally, I am not a fashionable person. This has been a source of dismay to me in the past – I was convinced throughout junior high that my lack of style held back my popularity. But at this point in … Continue reading

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