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It’s not black or white – it’s Grey DC

The most popular parties are those that seem the most difficult to get into. The line out the door, the person looking at your ID, and the check to ensure that you’re on the list – these are the hallmarks … Continue reading

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Guest Post on The Slacktiverse – Climate Change and Evangelical Christianity

I’m part of an awesome community over on The Slacktiverse, a group blog that grew out of Fred Clark’s excellent Slacktivist blog on religion on social issues. Which is why I’m very excited to announce that my first guest post … Continue reading

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If real life was more like the Climate Ride…

An adorable list of Climate Ride features that I would like to see added to Real Life, written by fellow Climate Rider, Joe Herman (who has granted me permission to repost): – A daily to-do list that’s exactly 68.7 items … Continue reading

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