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A Garden of Lights

Light and winter are inevitably linked in many societies. From the return of the sun in the Solstice to the star leading the Wise Men in the Christian Nativity story, the image of a light shining in the darkest of … Continue reading

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Fangirl Friday: Oxfam

Fangirl Friday is a semi-regular (very semi-regular) feature highlighting an environmental and/or social justice non-profit group. It’s named as such because asking me about some ecological issue can be as dangerous as asking a comic book fan about her favorite … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for Local Agriculture

Tis the month and the week for being thankful. Although I try to cultivate gratefulness all year round, I think Thanksgiving is a particularly good time to be thankful for specific things. I could make a list the length of … Continue reading

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Gravestones and Garden Prep

As fall comes and my mind turns to preparing my garden, I start jealously eying my neighbors’ yards. While some people lust after the perfect green lawn, I have a different target in mind – their leaves. My historic neighborhood … Continue reading

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Prepping for the Winter with Lasagna Gardening

Despite harvesting most of my veggies several weeks ago, I only got around to actually pulling the plants out this week. Fortunately, digging up my garden helped me better understand what was going on under the soil. While these processes … Continue reading

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