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Giving Thanks for More than Just Turkey

My Thanksgiving started in chaos. Instead of getting up early(ish), like I was supposed to, I was startled out of bed by my parents waltzing through the door. Needless to say, I was quite surprised. As it turned out, I … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! I hope you had plenty of lovely local food to eat. I personally had a lovely lunch/dinner with my parents and church family. (Chris sadly had to work.) If you’re outside America, … Continue reading

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Lasagna Gardening, the Sequel – More Layers than Ever!

As fall slips away and winter rolls in, I’ve started preparing my garden for next spring. Despite my skepticism last spring (and even moreso, Chris’s) I have become a full-on believer in “lasagna gardening,” also known as “layer mulching.” This … Continue reading

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What Tomatoes Can Teach Us about Occupy Wall Street

This summer, my garden produced far more than I knew what to do with at times. This isn’t an uncommon phenomena for home gardeners – there’s a reason jokes about people leaving baskets of zucchini on their neighbor’s doorsteps exist. … Continue reading

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Guest Post for Church in Bethesda: Growing in the Spiritual Life

So this is a week for guest posts! Honestly, I’m trying to cram in all of my late fall agricultural metaphors before they’re seasonally irrelevant. My most recent guest post is for my church, the Church in Bethesda. (Yes, we … Continue reading

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