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To Wear or Not to Wear a Helmet

One of the easiest ways a non-cyclist can annoy a cyclist is to say, “Bicycling is so unsafe. I just hate those people who run stoplights or don’t wear a helmet.” While children are not responsible enough to decide whether … Continue reading

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Sequential Art in Motion

It’s clear to anyone reading this blog that I’m a big nerd when it comes to bicycling and food. What may be less obvious is how much of a “traditional” nerd I am. This passion for stereotypically geeky things led … Continue reading

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Most Complicated Caramel Apples Ever

Asking a professional cook for a recipe can be dangerous.  I realized this again recently, when I tried to make a dish that my husband, Chris, recommended.  Even though he was helping me, we botched it up.  The best I … Continue reading

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Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away

The rain this summer has been uneven at best. We had several weeks with highs of 100 degrees only broken by storms that threatened our electrical system. The week of Hurricane Isaac, the weather forecast predicted a 75 percent chance … Continue reading

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Squash Invaders

When we came home from vacation, we didn’t realize that we were dealing with an invasion. While not aliens, these creatures were just as strange. At first, we assumed that our zucchini plants had died because they were overwatered, grew … Continue reading

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