A brief neighborhood interlude

This was an actual conversation that just occurred in my yard with one of the neighborhood kids. He was probably 10 or 11.

Bunch of kids riding on bicycles: F***, b*****, you (incomprehensible swearing)
Me: Hey guys, could you stop yelling?
Kid: F*** you, you b**** (more incomprehensible swearing)
Me: Would you like some tomatoes? (I had a bowl-full of fresh-picked cherry tomatoes in my arm.)
Kid: No, thank you. (random swearing) (to his friends) Does anyone want any tomatoes? (to me, politely) No, no one wants tomatoes.
Me: Okay, thanks.
Kid: (Random, incomprehensible swearing)

When I changed my interaction with him from demanding to offering, his entire demeanor changed. Even for just a moment, my offer made him stop, think for a moment, and show respect. The power of the garden.

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6 Responses to A brief neighborhood interlude

  1. mamateresa says:

    The power of a giving spirit! You GO girl! 🙂

  2. Sherri Brescher says:

    What a great response.

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