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Good Gardens Make Good Neighbors

Last weekend, I finally collected enough leaves to prepare my garden for winter. Unlike my last experience, this one turned out to be quite pleasant and even build a bit of neighborhood rapport. Although my lawn is lacking in leaves, … Continue reading

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Gravestones and Garden Prep

As fall comes and my mind turns to preparing my garden, I start jealously eying my neighbors’ yards. While some people lust after the perfect green lawn, I have a different target in mind – their leaves. My historic neighborhood … Continue reading

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Prepping for the Winter with Lasagna Gardening

Despite harvesting most of my veggies several weeks ago, I only got around to actually pulling the plants out this week. Fortunately, digging up my garden helped me better understand what was going on under the soil. While these processes … Continue reading

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Lasagna Gardening, the Sequel – More Layers than Ever!

As fall slips away and winter rolls in, I’ve started preparing my garden for next spring. Despite my skepticism last spring (and even moreso, Chris’s) I have become a full-on believer in “lasagna gardening,” also known as “layer mulching.” This … Continue reading

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Lasagna Gardening: Not Delicious, but Nutritious (for the soil)

Although lasagna gardening sounds like it should involve pasta with delicious layers of cheese sprouting from the ground, it’s actually a permaculture concept to build soil. By layering cardboard (to block weeds), fresh organic materials, compost, and soil additives like … Continue reading

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