Welcome to my little corner of the Internet….well, if you don’t count my Facebook page, my LiveJournal page, my long-lost website.  Nonetheless, you get the idea.  However, this particular corner is unique.

This blog is dedicated to two of my favorite things: food and bicycling. Fortunately, I also believe that both of these can play a major role in reducing the issue of and dealing with climate change, an issue I’m very interested in.

Loving food seems obvious, but it’s something I’ve gained an expanded appreciation of over the last few years. Growing up, I was never a picky eater, but not a particularly adventurous one either. I loved my macaroni and cheese with tomatoes, but for years thought I didn’t like peppers. However, as I’ve gone out into the world, both what I’ve been willing to eat and my perspective have expanded.  This has been in no small part due to my husband, Chris, who is a professional cook.  From parsnips to bone marrow, our shared meals have opened the door to new and exciting cuisines. My awareness of where our food comes from has also grown in sync with my palate.  Working with my college environmental club, the Cornell Greens, I promoted the ideas of organics to other students.  In our first year of marriage, Chris and I discovered both the joys and frustrations of the Community Supported Agriculture vegetable box.  Simultaneously, I studied many of the issues associated with global food production, including corporate influence on agriculture in developing nations, American agricultural subsidies, and the impact of free trade on subsistence farmers.  I realized that eating well meant eating food that is delicious, healthy, socially positive, and environmentally sound.  In working with local groups in Washington, DC, I found that building these new, sustainable food systems, is both easier and harder than it looks.  So to me, the category of “food” can include everything from 10 course tasting menus to composting with worms.

My relationship with cycling goes back almost as far as food.  I’ve known how to ride a bicycle as long as I can remember, and my parents would carry me on their bicycles even before I had my own. I first began understanding how bicycling could be more than just recreation when I rode in the AIDS Ride for Life my senior year of college, a century (100 mile) ride to benefit the Southern Tier (of New York) AIDS Program.  That summer, I vowed I would ride my bike everywhere, so long as it was daylight out and not thundering.  As my suburban hometown is designed expressly for cars, I quickly found out how difficult – and yet still doable – this proposition was.  More importantly, I could see how much potential a well-designed city could offer.  Then, while I was doing the ride itself, where I rode twice as far as I had trained for, I discovered the incredible power of doing something physical for a cause.

So this blog is dedicated to exploring my own, and society’s, relationship with both of these subjects.  In the near term, it will also be chronicling my quest to train and raise money for the Climate Ride.  It’s a charity bicycle ride that benefits several organizations dedicated to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of climate change.

I’m glad you’re here for the ride and hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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