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In the suburbs I learned to drive and you told me we’d never survive

(Credit to Arcade Fire for the title.) I visited my hometown in upstate New York over the holiday weekend. Appropriately, Chris and I drove up there, for a 17 hour round trip. I say appropriately because the thought of using … Continue reading

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A Streetwise View of Travel

I don’t travel that often for work, but I do so enough that I’ve been able to see a number of cities new to me. Last year, I went to Indianapolis, which surprised me with its Midwest charm. I’ve also … Continue reading

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A Cyclist by Any Other Name Would Spin Just as Sweet

It’s often said that bumper stickers are useless in that you can’t possibly sum up a political or philosophical position in a mere phrase. But they do serve a somewhat useful purpose – to tell the people around the driver … Continue reading

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Fear and Loathing in Bicycleland

In my last post, I talked about how fear can hold us back from taking on actions that are better for us, society, and the environment, like bicycling to work or cooking dinner. I offered a number of ways to … Continue reading

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A Bike with a Go Bag: Cycling and Emergencies

Washington D.C. has had more than its fair share of natural disasters lately. We’re used to jungle-like humidity, but earthquakes and hurricanes? Thankfully, the earthquake caused little real, non-ridiculous damage and Hurricane Irene looks like it will impact New York … Continue reading

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