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A Giant Bicyclist Safety Campaign Problem

I am a communicator, by profession and nature. So it frustrates me to no end when I see communications about areas I care about not only badly done, but communicate the opposite message of what is intended. Example A: the … Continue reading

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Ride Report: First of the Season

Trail/road: Millennium Trail, mostly roads Distance: 18 miles Weather: High 50s, sunny Company: Just me This weekend, I had the pleasure of taking one of the first rides of the late winter, on a pleasantly brisk, sunny day. We’ve had … Continue reading

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Just to Come in from the Cold

Last year, it was quite discouraging to watch most of the plants I raised from seed slowly dying. (And for some of them, quickly dying.) Clearly, part of the problem was that several of my seedlings didn’t start out very … Continue reading

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