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It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best – Ernest Hemingway

When I would go skiing with my dad as a kid and we shared a chairlift with another person, he would always ask, “So, the weather’s pretty good, huh? Have you been to the top yet?” He would ask this … Continue reading

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A Cyclist by Any Other Name Would Spin Just as Sweet

It’s often said that bumper stickers are useless in that you can’t possibly sum up a political or philosophical position in a mere phrase. But they do serve a somewhat useful purpose – to tell the people around the driver … Continue reading

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A Seed Saved is a Seed Earned

Swapping items is far more rewarding when you feel that you’ve produced the very items you’re swapping. There’s an inherent sense of pride in it, knowing that someone wants to now own something you’ve made. Although it seems odd to … Continue reading

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Give a Seed, Take a Seed

I’ve heard of many types of swaps – clothing swaps, book swaps – but never a seed swap until I started getting involved in gardening. Why would anyone want to swap seeds if you could just buy them at the … Continue reading

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