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Nothing to Fear But…

Fear comes in a lot of different forms – bad dreams, nervousness about meeting new people, wanting to hide behind the couch while watching Doctor Who. (No, not the Weeping Angels!) In its best form, fear can help us better … Continue reading

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What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?

To continue last week’s theme of education, my zest for learning recently brought me to the National Archives, to see the exhibit “What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” (The barrage of advertisements on the Metro a few months ago also probably helped.) … Continue reading

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Learning to Listen to Native Voices

Living in D.C., the land of museums, it’s rather shocking how little I visit them. But last week, while visiting the National Museum of the American Indian, I experienced a small, but very insightful exhibit called “Conversations with the Earth: … Continue reading

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Guest Post for Slacktiverse: Two Sides to Every Story…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been participating in the diverse, engaging Slacktiverse community from its beginning. I’ve finally gotten around to writing a second guest blog for them, “Two Sides to Every Story and Twelve Versions of Every Song.” It’s … Continue reading

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