Guest Post for Slacktiverse: Two Sides to Every Story…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been participating in the diverse, engaging Slacktiverse community from its beginning. I’ve finally gotten around to writing a second guest blog for them, “Two Sides to Every Story and Twelve Versions of Every Song.” It’s about activism, writing my masters thesis about an environmental conflict in rural Ireland, and the unexpected intersections between the two.

Here’s the first paragraph:
I’ve always wanted to Make a Difference. While other children were selling lemonade for petty cash, I was selling hot-glued pom-pom critters to benefit environmental charities. This passion continued into my adulthood, influencing my higher education. With my graduate school essay detailing the inspiration of Sister Dorothy Stang, who fought for indigenous rights in the Amazon, I would clearly never allow my masters thesis to sit in a dusty library for all eternity. It was just a matter of figuring out who to focus on and how I could help them. However, contrary to my own vision and the purpose of my program, I ended up with far more of a social education in how not to do activism than an academic one.

Read the rest at The Slacktiverse!

For those who read The Year in Review post, this is actually the “unpublished guest post” I mentioned. After the moderating team’s very thoughtful critique, I extensively edited it and am now proud of the result.

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