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Guest Post at DC Food for All – Food Forests and Renewable Energy: A Great Combination

In my local food work with Ecolocity D.C., I occassionally write for D.C. Food for All, a group blog with contributors from a variety of regional food justice organizations. Today, I just published a post on there about Ecolocity’s effort … Continue reading

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Be Like the Squirrel – Food Storage for the Winter

With frost descending and our local farmers’ market season drawing to a close, eating local suddenly becomes much more challenging. Even purchasing food at the year-round market begins to take on a frustrating sameness. Rather than the vibrant greens and … Continue reading

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Occupy Together, Everywhere

When I was a teenager, I would look longingly back at the 1960s and truly believe that I was born in the wrong era. Of course, I was deeply appreciative that the 90s were calm: we weren’t in a war, … Continue reading

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Double Your Fun, Double the Count!

Fear can be good; it can help people change their behavior, see the world in a new light, or spark the imagination. (It is Halloween season, after all.) But much of the time, fear is destructive. And fearing an entire … Continue reading

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