Guest Post for Church in Bethesda: Growing in the Spiritual Life

So this is a week for guest posts! Honestly, I’m trying to cram in all of my late fall agricultural metaphors before they’re seasonally irrelevant. My most recent guest post is for my church, the Church in Bethesda. (Yes, we know it’s sort of a silly name.) For just a little background, my church is pretty unique – we consider ourselves multi-denominational, draw from traditions from across the history of Christianity, and do a lot of hands-on activities during worship. I actually came up with the idea in this post last spring, when we had a prayer station that involved sorting rocks out of soil and planting seeds. I don’t actually remember the content in my pastor’s sermon, but the idea on how weeds and building good soil relate to the spiritual life stuck with me.

I finally got around to writing it down, so here it is:
Growing in the Spiritual Life
As the harvest season comes to an end and I prepare my garden for next spring, agricultural metaphors come easily to mind, especially for the spiritual life. As it turns out, cultivating a garden that bears food isn’t all that different from cultivating one’s heart to produce fruits of the Spirit.
Read the rest at the Church in Bethesda’s blog!

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