Guest Post at DC Food for All – Food Forests and Renewable Energy: A Great Combination

In my local food work with Ecolocity D.C., I occassionally write for D.C. Food for All, a group blog with contributors from a variety of regional food justice organizations. Today, I just published a post on there about Ecolocity’s effort to develop food forests in Washington and how you can support the project financially without directly giving us a dime. (Hint – it’s by signing up for wind energy with Clean Currents and mentioning Ecolocity in the “How did you hear about us?” box.)

To learn more, check out the post – Food Forests and Renewable Energy: A Great Combination.

Here’s the first paragraph, for starters…
Imagine a forest that is open to all, providing food and sanctuary, right in the middle of Washington.  While it might sound like a fairy tale, Ecolocity D.C. is developing a miniature version in the Pleasant Plains neighborhood and hopes to expand this vision throughout the city. While the sun powers the growth of the plants, we hope that wind can power the growth of the project.
Read more on the D.C. Food for All blog!

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