Guest Post on DC Food for All – D.C. Foodshed Map Points to Local Resources

As part of my volunteering with Ecolocity D.C., I occasionally write about our work on the D.C. Food for All blog. The blog covers the whole range of sustainable food issues, including food deserts, urban agriculture, food justice, and policy. To promote one of our best tools (which I wrote about the development of before) and an event we’re having next Tuesday, I just wrote a post on the D.C. Foodshed Map.

Here’s the first paragraph:

“Eating local” is nothing more than a turn-of-phrase without defining the word “local.” Although some corporate natural foods stores label blueberries from Northern New Jersey as local to D.C., most agricultural advocates define local as grown or otherwise produced within 100 miles of the buyer. This range is often referred to as a region’s “foodshed.” Thankfully, we here in the D.C. Metro region have a plethora of choices for local agriculture, whether produce purchased from a nearby farmer or grown in a community garden. To help people in the region find options near them, Ecolocity D.C. maintains the D.C. Foodshed Map.

Read the rest on the DC Food for All Blog.

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