If real life was more like the Climate Ride…

An adorable list of Climate Ride features that I would like to see added to Real Life, written by fellow Climate Rider, Joe Herman (who has granted me permission to repost):
– A daily to-do list that’s exactly 68.7 items long… and crossing them all off by 3:30 (although for me, it was closer to 4:00-4:30…)
– Knowing that If I run into trouble, someone will stop by and offer help within 5 minutes.
– Viewing 62 and cloudy as perfect weather.
– Caloric intake as an unmitigated good.
– A personal paparazzo.
– Meeting at least 10 cool people before it’s even lunchtime.
– Regular messages from friends and family implying that I’m enduring some tremendous ordeal, when I’m actually having an unreasonable amount of fun.
– All important life decisions to be marked with large pink signs.
– Pre-dinner zip line rides

I would bike 300 miles all of the time if life was so simple!

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