Guest Post at DC Event Junkie: Environmental Film Festival Preview

I’ve hooked up with the great DC social website, DC Event Junkie, to talk about some of the exciting local environmental events. My first post, a preview of the DC Environmental Film Festival, just went live today! If you’re in the area, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Festival. Just writing the post got me excited about all of the great movies being shown and guests speaking on panels. There’s some especially good films on food, including one highlighting local gardeners.

Here are the first two paragraphs…

As we all know from watching the Oscars – or for many this year, not watching them – film can be an incredibly powerful medium. It can elicit great emotion and inspire deep thought. It can show you beautiful landscapes that you would never be able to see otherwise. And it may even cause you to take action.

The organizers of the DC Environmental Film Festival are hoping that the films shown there will inspire all of those reactions. Running from March 15-27, with more than 150 films, any viewer is bound to find something he or she will enjoy. In addition to the films themselves, the festival also features more than 150 filmmakers and special guests to lend additional insight to the films’ subjects and process of creation. Here are just a few of the highlights that you can look forward to…

Read the rest at the DC Event Junkie website!

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1 Response to Guest Post at DC Event Junkie: Environmental Film Festival Preview

  1. Lisa Byrne says:

    So glad to have you on board for guest posts, thanks Shannon – great stuff!

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