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Fangirl Friday: Green America

Fangirl Friday is a semi-regular feature highlighting an environmental and/or social justice non-profit group. It’s named as such because asking me about some ecological issue can be as dangerous as asking a comic book fan about her favorite Batman storyline. … Continue reading

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A Little Love for the Line Cooks

When I tell people my husband is a professional cook, they ask, “That’s fantastic! Does he cook for you?” To which I reply, “Well, he sometimes cooks on his days off, but I’m in bed by the time he gets … Continue reading

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We’re bicyclists and proud of it!

When most people think of Rockville, where I live, they think of a congested, car-centric highway-like road. Not exactly bike friendly. Despite that image, the Rockville Bicycle Advisory Committee, which I’m a part of, wants to link bicycling to a … Continue reading

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Keeping the spirit while the weather is frightful

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had getting ready for the Climate Ride is figuring out how to get and stay in shape during the winter. Now, I know there are some very brave souls out there who are willing … Continue reading

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