Empowerment through Reskilling

I just wrote a post for the D.C. Food for All blog, a community of folks involved in food sustainability and justice issues. It includes advocates, growers, and eaters from all across the spectrum, from people working in food banks to organizers of farmers’ markets. They’re a great group that is all about something I deeply believe in – that everyone deserves good, sustainable food.

I blogged about the workshops we put on for Ecolocity, several which I organized myself. In particular, I mention the Building a Tumbling Composter and Composting with Worms workshops, which I’ll talk about here in later entries.

Here’s the first paragraph of the post…

Empowerment through Reskilling

True social, economic, and environmental sustainability relies on empowerment. We can never fix the unjust and unhealthy social structures we have in place if people must still rely on them for their food and other necessary needs. At Ecolocity, we believe that one of the best ways to empower people is to collectively learn skills that will be useful in a post-oil economy. These skills include gardening, composting, water capture, preserving food, and much more. The Transition Movement, which Ecolocity is a part of, calls this “reskilling.” Although some of these skills were known and valued in the past, we also embrace new ideas and methods that may have never been used before but are needed to solve problems in our urban environment.

Read the rest at the Food for All Blog….

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