The Climate Ride shares the love…

Remember how I described how awesome the Washington Area Bicyclists’ Association is a few posts ago? Well, now by participating in the Climate Ride, I’m actually going to be supporting them directly!

In the few years that the Climate Ride has been running, it’s benefited three organizations: Green America, 1Sky, and Rails-to-Trails. I’ll feature each of these in a future Fangirl Friday, but I’ll just say that they’re all great organizations. I’ve attended Green America’s Green Festival the last few years, received some very practical training from the 1Sky coalition, and have actually ridden on bicycle trails built because of Rails-to-Trails’ work.

But because there are so many great groups doing work on climate change, the Climate Ride just decided to expand their beneficiaries list to include WABA, Transportation Alternatives (New York City),, Climate Counts, 1% for the Planet, and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. All of these organizations do great work that includes expanding transportation choices, helping consumers be more informed, and raising awareness of climate change.

So let these great organizations inspire you – as they are inspiring me – and support the Climate Ride!

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